Broadcast power amplifier is a high performance switching power supply, single channel, high power, pure post level broadcast amplifier. Its structure is compact and reasonable. Smart protection circuitry provides advanced technology to protect internal circuitry and connected loads,and amplifiers and speakers can be protected under extreme conditions. It provides regional power amplification for broadcast system, suitable for large area of broadcast sound reinforcement, including large and medium schools, buildings, clubs, bars, parks and so on.
Model                                                             T-62000                           
Rated Power Output                                         2000W
Speaker Outputs                                              70V, 100V
output Sensitivity & Source Impedance               775mV/470Ω, Balanced XLR interface
Frequency Response                                         80Hz~16KHz(+1dB, -3dB )
Noise-signal Ratio                                             >90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion                                   1kHz 0.5%, 1/3 output power
Ground Line Suspension Switch                          Signal ground line optional chassis or suspension
Heat Radiation                                                  Forced air cooling from front to back, start the built-in fan when radiator temperature is up to 45 degrees
Protection                                                         Over heat, over load & short circuit
Power Supply                                                   ~220-240V  50/60Hz
Power consumption                                           2500W
Dimension                                                        484x260x44mm
Weight                                                             5.3Kg
Material Quality                                                Black aluminum panel, SPCC cold rolled plate material case


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