* Background music + 16 zone paging + voice message alarm
* Built-in 8 inputs 16 outputs audio matrix
* Built-in weekly scheduled timer
* Built-in 16 zone speaker selector for remote paging console
* Built-in 6 channel power sequencer
* Built-in MP3 player of 2GB memory card through SD card slot
* Built-in monitor
* With telephone paging, fire alarm and remote paging console interface
* With regular program and spared program
* With Mic emergency announcement and CD/MP3 manual priority broadcast With memory
function after power off
* Each day program operation up to 200 steps
Matrix Background Music System
* 4 extra program sources plus built-in MP3 matrix distributed into 16 zones 8 inputs and 16
* Manual CD/MP3 priority broadcast at particular circumstance
* The music will not be interrupted when paging console is make zone paging CD, AM/FM
tuner, MP3 player as program audio sources
* Playing modes: random, single circle, repeat and all circle
* Music system will be monitored by operator in control room
Remote Zone Paging System
* T-6600 built-in 16 zone speaker selector
* With T-218 to achieve individual, group, each ten, all zone paging
* T-218 paging with priority over music except EMC (fire alarm input) and Mic 1 (T-6600 front
* T-218 remote paging distance within 1 kms through Cat 5 cable and RJ45 communication
* T-6600 can work with several T-218 at the same time
* There is no interference other zones music when zone paging is made Manual zone select
paging system on T-6600 front panel
Voice Message Alarm System
* Work with T-6203 to achieve all zone voice alarm system
* Fire alarm system with priority except Mic 1
* Work with T-6223(A) to achieve all zone, group zone, neighboring zone multi voice alarm
Expansion Functions
* Each zone power output no limit even higher than 5000W
* Telephone paging interface, extra power sequencer, extra monitor panel could be added
Model T-6600
Input 8 channels, AUDIO IN: 10K ohms, 0.775V unbalanced,MIC: 600 , 10mV unbalanced
Output 16 channels, 1K , 0~1.5V unbalanced
Frequency Response 30Hz~18KHz
THD Less than 0.1%
Communication Port 4800bps, RJ45 connector, RS422/RS485 protocol
MP3 Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz/ 1dB
MP3 S/N Ratio 95dB
MP3 Storage External Compact Flash Card; File Format: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
Monitor Built-in loudspeaker, 0.5W
Cycle Time 24 hrs
Alarm Signal Input: 0V(Short Circuit) Industrial Standard;
Output: 0V(Short Circuit) Industrial Standard
Timer Power Output 6 Channels, 110~120VAC or 230~240VAC 50/60Hz;
Total Capacity: 5KW; Max Per Socket: 1KW
Controls Power switch, 8 AUDIO IN, MIC and MONITOR volume controls
Program edit, 16 AUDIO channels, MONITOR, CD,MP3, NORMAL, and 3 SWIFT pushbuttons
Indicators Power LED, LCD display, channel status and operational status LEDs
Power Supply ~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Power Consumption 30W
Weight 7.5Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 484x304x132mm
Finish Panel: aluminum plate,
Case: steel plate


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