Intelligent Public Address and Voice Alarm system is the organic combination of computer network technology, communication technology, information technology and so on. It is a combination of related voice alarm system. Through the PC management software, you can do system function customization and control, automatic completion of the system physical zone status monitoring and management, automatic completion of the terminal equipment monitoring and management. It is mainly used in intelligent residential quarters, shopping malls, shopping centers, and buildings such as voice alarm and background music.


* Built-in 500W amplifier, integrated 8 zones A + B independent dual speaker loop partition output, the partition has a separate LED indicator, a separate output control button and volume adjustment.

* Audio processing with 6 general audio inputs, it can connect with an external user microphone, CD player, radio and other audio signals, and can be achieved in any partition to play any audio source.

* The local emergency PPT microphone input (remote microphone, emergency voice), allowing users to freely change the audio output priority according to the actual situation, to configure audio input priority through the system control software.

* With an external backup power amplifier input, when the built-in amplifier is failed, it can automatically switch to the backup amplifier.

* Support automatically monitoring the working condition of the each zone speaker loop (open circuit, short circuit).

* 8-channel trigger input and output interface, it can trigger the pre-programmed language information to the specified partition or (trigger) corresponding to the external power supply to achieve the corresponding event warning.

* It is integrated independent EVAC voice information player.

* Remote MIC online interface, it can be connected to a remote microphone. The paging station connection

using standard RJ-45 network port and CAT-5 network cable, paging transmission can be used to transmit long-distance transmission;

* With controller connection interface, it can be connected to the expansion machine. The connection uses the standard RJ-45 network port and CAT-5 cable transmission

* With a TCP / IP communication interface to support the basic Window platform visual interface operation, the state automatically synchronized.

* Support 24V DC power supply.

* With the monitor function of power amplifier.

* Built-in recording function, no need external equipment.

* With system failure, emergency dry contact output, emergency reset dry contact input.

* The partition output with three-wired, four-wired relay function.

* With one IP address reset port.

Back Panel


1 Power switch

2 AC power outlet

3 DC 24V input interface

4 Short circuit interface is output after fire alarm

5 Fire trigger input interface

6 Zone 1~8

7 Switch network, Computer online port

8 Control interface of 4 wire tone controlled cutting relay

9 Slave port10 Backup power amplifier 100V input interface (Note the positive and negative poles)

11 Signal output interface, Backup power amplifier input port

12 System Control:

1) System fault output, When something goes wrong, This port will be closed

2) Fire alarm output, When the fire alarm is triggered, This port will be closed

3) Emergency reset input, Short circuit interface, Fire alarm will be reset

13 Impedance correction button, Press this button, system will automatically calibrate and record

the current impedance

14 IP address reset button, Press this button, system will automatically reset addresses

15 Remote control microphone port

16 TF card interface

17 6 background music input



Product Model VA-6200MA
Remote MIC Supports 20 remote MIC
Slave Controller Support 16 slave controllers
Protection mode Delay / over temperature / short circuit / overload
Cooling method Air-cooled
Output volume adjustment 6
Format MP3
Built-in MP3 capacity 8G
Remote MIC communication CAN bus
Slave Controller Communication RS485 bus
24V relay output 8 channel
Alarm input 8 channel
Short circuit mode No voltage, short connection
Partition output 8 channel
Alarm Output 8 channel
Standby amplifier input 100V
Sensitivity 10mV
Standby amplifier audio output 1V
AUX3-6 Input SNR >70dB
Emergency microphone Emergency microphone
Impedance 600Ω
AUX3-6 input frequency response 80Hz~20KHz
MIC1-2 input SNR >65dB
AUX3-6 input sensitivity 350mV/10kΩ
AUX3-6 input distortion  
MIC1-2 input sensitivity 5mV/6/600Ω
MIC1-2 input distortion  
MIC1-2 input frequency response 80Hz~20KHz
Maximum current 3A
Standby voltage 24V DC, ±20%
Fuse specifications 250V / 5A, slow type
Power output 500W
Output voltage 100V
weight About 10.8kg
Maximum power consumption 600W
Dimension (L x W x D) 484 x 88 x 353mm
Supply voltage ~ 230V, 50/60Hz


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