• ITC MPT240 240W MP3 Amplifier with Timer

    รหัสสินค้า : ITC MPT240
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    The MPT series amplifiers power output of 60W, 120W to 240W. The shining feature of this amplifier is integration together
    with a weekly timer and Mp3 player, thus the end-user can conveniently program over the Mp3 file whether it is voice message
    for advertisement or music song for background music. All in one economy solution for school, shopping mall, super market,
    school where repeated activities are happened.
  • ITC T-4120MP 4 Channel Matrix Audio Integrated Amplifier

    รหัสสินค้า : ITC T-4120MP
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    The 4 channel mixer amplifier range is design with two power outputs: 4x60W and 4x120W.
    The inputs and outputs can be matrix selected, thus it is a high integrated 4 channel audio matrix system solution with Mp3 player for hotel, shopping mall, sports center, entertainment center, etc.
    Each inputs could be easily designed to different four zones by front panel selector, moreover each inputs are supplied with separate bass, treble and volume control for precise sound effect for each


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